Mishmash is a restaurant which stands for its own name.

We are a fast-casual restaurant serving high-quality Middle Eastern and Western dishes at very competitive prices. Our kitchen offers a variety of cuisines to satisfy all tastes; refined by our very own in-house recipes, signature items and scrumptious sauces for you to mix, match, and munch!

Our menu includes mixed grills, burgers, shawarma, sandwiches, rice bowls and more; all under one roof. Each recipe is created solely to guarantee your optimum satisfaction.

In Mishmash, we boldly master eclectic cuisines and proudly invite you to enjoy a savory experience. We promise to satisfy your taste buds to the maximum, at an affordable price.

Fill it up...



wash it down

After enjoying your savory meal, you will not need to go anywhere else! Enjoy our signature brewed coffee blends, selected teas, various beverages, and delectable in-house desserts at Mishmash Coffee Bar.